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Strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives for the period 2013-2017, clustered by strategic theme.

Top Connectivity
  1. Facilitating the further development of a high-quality, distinctive and competitive network of, in particular, intercontinental connections.
  2. Further enhancement of an extensive, reliable and accessible landside network of multimodal connections.

Excellent Visit Value
  1. Further enhancement of passengers' travel convenience.
  2. Realisation of a competitive price/quality ratio for airlines.
  3. Providing a high-quality and outstanding airport to passengers.

Competitive Marketplace
  1. Providing an attractive business climate at the airport.
  2. Realising flexible logistics solutions for handling agents and forwarders.
  3. Offering an attractive and up-to-date portfolio of products and services.

Sustainable Performance
  1. Ensuring a proper balance in the relationship between people, planet and profit.
  2. Guaranteeing financially sound and efficient business operations to enable further development of the Mainport and to generate value for all stakeholders.
  3. Continuation of the stakeholder dialogue within the Alders Platform and with the parties in the Schiphol Regional Consultative Committee.