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Main risks
Top Connectivity

Fluctuations in demand

The continuing economic crisis may lead to a decrease in the number of passengers, lower spending per passenger, a reduction of capacity and a change in the dynamics of the sector.

Major projects

Implementation of major infrastructure projects could involve delays and budget overruns, as a result of which a project is no longer sufficiently in line with actual demand.

Excellent Visit Value

Operational risks Aviation

Safety incidents, unexpected interruptions of business operations or insufficient commitment of parties on which our operations depend could disrupt operations, damage our reputation and negatively affect the financial result.

Changing laws and regulations

Political developments, evolving viewpoints and new or adapted European or national laws and regulations that affect the aviation sector as well as the sale of consumer products at the airport can have a major impact on our business.

Economic regulation

Economic regulation of Schiphol Airport affects the financial soundness of Schiphol Group and the scope for investment in the Mainport.

Competitive Marketplace


Insufficient investment in quality and capacity may result in an inability to guarantee the competitiveness of the Mainport.

Market developments real estate

Changing market conditions can lead to lower occupancy levels in the property portfolio and lower rent levels, resulting in a decrease in property value.

Sustainable Performance

Exceeding noise and environmental standards

Non-compliance with national and international noise and environmental regulations has negative financial and operational consequences.

Financial risks

Schiphol Group faces a variety of financial risks, such as currency, price and interest rate risks, liquidity risk and counterparty risk.

International operations

International operations offer benefits and opportunities but also entail specific risks that do not apply in the Netherlands.