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Social involvement

Schiphol Fund

The Schiphol Fund, which was established in 1994 to express the airport's social involvement, makes two substantial donations of up to 100,000 euros with effect from 2012 in addition to the regular donations. Heliomare in the city Wijk aan Zee received a donation of over 33,000 euros for the opening of the Heliolympics 2012. Hockey club MHC De Kikkers in Nieuw-Vennep, which also undertakes initiatives for disabled athletes, received more than 64,000 euros for led lighting on one of their fields.

In 2012, the board of the Fund focused on stimulating physical exercise. Associations and non-profit foundations in the Schiphol area that stimulate physical exercise can submit requests for a donation.

The Schiphol Fund has an annual budget of 250,000 euros for regular donations. In 2012, 43 different organisations each received an amount of up to 15,000 euros. The total amount of regular donations was somewhat more than 224,000 euros. An additional donation of 5,100 euros was made to the Overbos football club: they received this donation in connection with a special football tournament on the Jan Dellaert Square during the European Football Championship.


Every three years, Schiphol Group enters into a new partnership with an international charity that focuses on children's rights. Our staff organise fund raising activities themselves, and the proceeds from the collection points in the terminal are also donated to the charity. In 2012, we entered into a partnership with UNICEF. Together, we wish to commit to improving the position of children all over the world. UNICEF, which is part of the UN and active in 190 countries, has been given the opportunity to tell its story in the terminal. The campaigns 'We believe in them' and ‘We aim for 0' (Wij gaan voor 0) were displayed prominently. The proceeds from the collection points amounted to 156,000 euros in 2012.

A network of enthusiastic ambassadors within our organisation promote the UNICEF story among their colleagues. They organise programmes to raise money for proper health care for children all over the world, which yielded 55,000 euros in 2012. Major programmes were the sale of used LCD screens from the terminal and an auction organised for and by Schiphol Group employees. Dutch designer Omar Munie has reused the leather from the chairs in Departure Lounge 3 to create bags and travel accessories that were sold in the terminal. The floor managers have collected obselete and defective railings in the terminal, resulting in a substantial batch of stainless steel that was then sold.