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Each day, we make conscious trade-offs with respect to people, planet and profit. However, results are achieved by working together with others. The activities of the airport, airlines and other parties in the chain are closely interlinked. Complex issues are best solved through collaboration, innovation and by exchanging views. Only in this way can we, together with our partners, realise the ambition to be and remain Europe's Preferred Airport.

In addition to the socio-economic themes that we focus on, we also discuss our business operations, compliance and safety with a large number of parties on a structural basis. The main partners in these talks are supervising authorities, the shareholders and home carrier KLM. We also consult with government agencies and various private parties that together enable air traffic. 

Schiphol as coordinator

In our capacity as airport operator, we coordinate processes and chains of interlinked activities on many fronts. Our own activities are influenced through direct coordination and control. This includes our own energy consumption, our vehicle fleet, energy consumption in the buildings that we rent out and our employees' commute.

We have indirect control over the activities of third parties. We can encourage other parties who are active at the airport to increase their sustainability, for example through contractual arrangements. Areas of attention could include the vehicle fleet, energy consumption and commuting. Lastly, we can influence others through partnerships aimed at the sustainable development of Schiphol. Examples: the landing and take-off cycle of aircraft and traffic (cargo and passengers) to and from the airport.

Each year, Schiphol organises dialogue sessions with stakeholders. Furthermore, we are involved in various joint initiatives such as:

  • Alders Platform
  • Schiphol Regional Consultative Committee (CROS)
  • Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol
  • Schiphol Safety Platform
  • Schiphol Security and Public Safety Platform
  • Contractors’ Job Health and Safety Platform
  • Knowledge and Development Centre
  • Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Platform
  • National programme Knowledge for Climate
  • Nature and Environmental Centre Haarlemmermeer
  • theGROUNDS
  • Health & Safety consultations
  • Quality of Life foundation
  • Mainport and Green foundation
  • Governance Forum
  • Mainport Schiphol Haarlemmermeer Structural Concept (SMASH)
  • Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC)
  • Amsterdam Connecting Trade (ACT)
  • Amsterdam Region Business Association (ORAM) 
  • Amsterdam Economic Board