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Economic crisis affects cargo transport

The stagnating economy had a negative effect on cargo transport. Lower spending and consumer confidence resulted in a decrease in cargo supply in 2012. The year ended with a negative growth. Cargo volumes decreased by 2.6% (+0.8% in 2011) to a total volume of 1,483,448 tonnes.

Transport with full freighters, which are aircraft that only carry cargo, decreased by 0.9% (+2.3% in 2011), from 882,400 tonnes in 2011 to 874,700 tonnes in 2012. Cargo transport with aircraft used to transport both passengers and cargo declined by 5.1% in 2012 (-1.3% in 2011), from 641 thousand tonnes to 608 thousand tonnes.

Developments by continent

Cargo transport to and from Asia showed the biggest decline: -7.9% (-7.1% in 2011) from 610 thousand tonnes to 561 thousand tonnes, in part as a result of a decrease in demand in Europe for Asian products. The decrease in import was bigger than the decrease in export. The cargo transport volume to and from North America, the second largest cargo region, also decreased by 7.9% from 283 thousand tonnes to 261 thousand tonnes compared to a growth in this region in 2011 of 11.6%. There was a marginal decrease in the cargo volume transported to and from Central and South America of 0.3% (to 174 thousand tonnes), compared to an increase of 11.3% in 2011. This decrease was limited mainly as a result of to the growth of the Brazilian economy. Cargo volumes to and from Africa decreased by 4.3% to 177 thousand tonnes. To and from the Middle East, cargo transport decreased by 2.2%. Cargo volumes within Europe increased by 44.2% to over 138 thousand tonnes.

New cargo carriers and cargo destinations

In 2012, a few new full freighter airlines, including Air China Cargo and Swiftair, started a service from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We said farewell to carrier Jade Cargo. In total, there were 19 full freighter airlines and eight airlines with both a full freighter and passenger service. This is an increase of four compared to 2011.

The number of unique full-freighter destinations, which are destinations to and from which only cargo is transported, decreased by four from 28 to 24. This is largely due to the exit of carrier Jade Cargo. Some new full freighter destinations, such as Zhengzhou and Chongqing, were added to the network.