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Sustainable employment

A precondition for and the result of solid economic development of the Mainport

Schiphol is an attractive business location. Approximately five hundred companies with 64,000 employees are located at the airport. The transport of passengers and cargo creates 290.000 jobs in the Netherlands, which makes Schiphol an important driving force of the Dutch economy. To maintain this position, it is essential that there is a good link between education and the labour market and a sufficient supply of motivated employees.

We seek to create that link through the Schiphol College Foundation, a partnership with the Amsterdam regional training centre (ROC). This network organisation aims to establish a connection between the business community, education and the labour market. Schiphol College is the intermediary for learning-on-the-job positions, intermediate vocational training, internships and vocational training for logistics, security, facility management and retail positions.

KLM partner in Schiphol College

At the end of 2012, KLM, Schiphol and the Amsterdam regional training centre (ROC) signed a letter of intent to become partners in Schiphol College per 1 June 2013. With the joining of KLM, the foundation will have three equal partners. In 2013, a common vision and a business plan regarding the future of Schiphol College will be developed. The broadening of the cooperation means that the network organisation will be even better equipped to fulfil its role in the fields of education and the labour market.

Airport remains popular with students

The number of students choosing an aviation-related vocational intermediate training more than doubled from 382 in 2011 to 795 in 2012. Together with the Amsterdam regional training centre, we have paid more attention to ensuring that students choose the training that is right for them. The addition of the Dutch Border Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) as a customer led to an increase in the number of enrolments for the training Airport Security Coordinator in particular. Schiphol College also organised a number of occupational orientation days for pupils of primary schools and vocational intermediate schools. The goal was to interest them in a job at the airport and to help them to select the appropriate corresponding training.

As a result of the economic crisis, the number of groups that followed one of our vocational training courses decreased from 147 in 2011 to 118 in 2012. Nine additional training courses were offered: 59 in total compared to 50 in 2011. Companies have less capacity to take on interns, as a result of which we were able to place fewer interns (75 compared with 108 in 2011). We have noticed a decrease in the number of good-quality candidates who move from being unemployed to participating in learning-on-the-job programmes. Consequently, we are pleased about the fact that, in 2012, 87.5% of the examination candidates obtained their diploma. In 2011, this was 75%.