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Sustainable Performance

Schiphol Group conducts its business with respect for people, the community and the environment. Our company has financially sound and efficient business operations and creates a balance in the relationship between economic, social and ecological values: people, planet and profit. Together with our stakeholders, we are always looking for innovative solutions that improve the sustainability of our operations and make us better prepared for the future. Corporate Responsibility is crucial for both our licence to grow and our licence to operate.

A future-proof Schiphol focuses on the licence to grow: how do we create sustainable value for our stakeholders and how do we safeguard the position of Schiphol Mainport in the long run. In order to remain Europe's Preferred Airport, Schiphol assumes its responsibility with regard to five socio-economic themes.

Our day-to-day operations relate to the licence to operate. We ensure that the basics are in order. We comply with laws and regulations; everyone creates a balance in the relationship between people, planet and profit in their daily work. These are important conditions; we can only carry out our business processes optimally if we take them into account.

The chapters Sustainable Performance and Stakeholders focus on people and planet. The developments with regard to profit are described in Financial performance. The Operational and socio-economic statements contain non-financial information and extensive information on fifteen performance indicators that have been reviewed by our external accountant.

Future-proof Schiphol

Day-to-day operations

1. Sustainable employment

1. Chain Responsibility

2. Accessibility and air quality

2. Employees

3. Climate-friendly aviation

3. Environment

4. Commodity shortages

4. Safety

5. Noise and local community