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Security measures

In accordance with European legislation, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol introduced 100% control of the goods and materials needed for airport operations per 22 May 2012. These items, ranging from water bottles sold in the terminal to maintenance materials, are checked and sealed before they enter secured areas. A large number of measures needed to be taken in a short period of time in order to achieve this.

The control of aviation supplies (everything that is used in an aircraft) had already been implemented some time ago. This check is carried out by the airlines.

Central security

In 2012, we decided that security control of passengers and their hand luggage in the non-Schengen area will take place at central security filters, rather than at the gate. To create additional floor space for this purpose, piers E, F and G will be expanded with an additional floor and the use of the space in the terminal will be adapted. In addition, the entries of the gates on these piers will be modified to be able to separate passengers who have not yet undergone a security check from passengers who have already been checked. This is an essential condition for the central security concept. This extensive project is expected to be completed in 2015.

Safety at the airport

Schiphol is responsible for the safety at the airport, both in the terminal and on the airport grounds. A detailed description of the safety measures we take and our performance in this area is included under Sustainable Performance.