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Competitive airport charges

To maintain the position of the Mainport, it is essential that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol applies competitive charges for the use of the airport. Our airport charges reflect the development of operational costs and costs associated with investments in airport infrastructure. For proper assessment of the level of our airport charges, the quality of our airport and the added value of our services for airlines, handling companies and passengers should also be taken into account.

Airport charges 2012 and 2013

On 1 April 2012, Schiphol increased its airport charges by 2%. The increase as per 1 April 2013 will amount to 0.6%. This percentage has been determined after consultation with the airlines. During this process, the airlines and Schiphol have together identified further cost reductions. Schiphol had initially proposed a 1.2% increase in airport charges.

Cost level compared with other major European airports

To maintain its competitive position relative to other European hubs, it is important that Mainport Schiphol maintains a competitive price/quality level. We must be well aware of the fact that the airports of, for example, Istanbul and Dubai, which are direct competitors, apply lower airport charges. Business operations at Schiphol focus on strict control of operational and non-operational costs. Schiphol maintains careful planning of its long-term investments: proper timing, flexible phasing and a modular approach enable us to limit the financial impact of these investments on the airlines as much as possible. Compared with other airports, Schiphol has applied a conservative airport charge policy over the past several years. With the 0.6% increase in airport charges per 1 April 2013, the pace is moderated even further.