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Digital Schiphol

In 2012, we overhauled the See Buy Fly webshop, which is part of the website. The new webshop inspires travellers with its wide and varied product range. In addition, the passenger section of the website has been made more easily accessible for in particular, the blind and the visually impaired. For this purpose, Schiphol is affiliated with the Microsoft initiative Access for Everyone.

Schiphol app

The Schiphol-app for smartphones is a success. The free app, which provides travellers with personalised information about their flight and about the facilities at Schiphol, has been downloaded 730,000 times in a one and a half year period. In view of the increase in the number of passengers from China, Schiphol also launched a Chinese version of the app in 2012. The app helps passengers to find their way around the airport in Mandarin. Using the camera in their smartphones, passengers can instantly translate the signs at Schiphol. The app, which has been developed in collaboration with Aéroports de Paris, is available for the iPhone and for Android-smartphones.

Social media

In 2012, we made even better use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With relevant content and successful campaigns, we extended our coverage substantially. Through the 185,000 likes on Facebook, we can reach 35 million people. Travellers can find answers to and pose their questions on our social media channels. In case of disruptions, we are able to provide information more quickly.