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Commercial facilities

Schiphol strives to offer passengers a high quality range of facilities such as shops, restaurants, parking, entertainment and services at a reasonable, competitive price. In addition, we aim to create an experience for passengers that will leave a lasting impression. For example by exhibiting part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum or with the Airport Park, where passengers can wait for their flight in natural surroundings, either inside or in the open air.


Schiphol's Retail Vision focuses on convenience concepts, experience and a differentiated range of facilities. We aim to surprise passengers with unique shopping concepts and brand stores. A good example of this is Departure Lounge 3, which was redesigned in 2011. As a result of the success of new shopping concepts and the optimisation of the range of products and services on offer, the retail spend per passenger increased by 7.3% in 2012 to 16.69 euros.

The redesign of Departure Lounge 4 at the beginning of 2012 has resulted not only in an entirely new and extended range of retail outlets, but also in the introduction of two catering concepts. The first one is the Light Lounge Café, where the atmosphere changes depending on the time of day. In the morning, the café is a coffee shop, in the evening it is a bar. The other catering concept is the Urban Food Market, which offers a healthy range of food and drinks. With the placement of playing facilities, Departure Lounge 4, has also become a more fun place to be for children.


In 2012, the second Victoria's Secret store at Schiphol and in the Netherlands was opened at Schiphol Plaza, the shopping area before Passport Control. Other additions were the America Today store employing its latest shop concept and the AKO Books & Travel Store, a travel bookstore. The Paolo Salotto and GWK Travelex outlets were completely refurbished.

This summer, during the European Football Championships, there was a grandstand outside on the Jan Dellaert Square where passengers could watch the matches. In collaboration with financial institution ING, we built a Johan Cruyff court. Despite the early elimination of the Dutch team, the Dutch football team campaign with partners ING and Coca-Cola was a great success.

Other changes

On Pier C, we opened a new café, Café Comunal, which specialises in Spanish food and drink. This concept has been a success. Since many flights to Spain depart from this pier, the café offers passengers the chance to get into the spirit.

For many years, we have offered passengers travelling within the Schengen area the opportunity to purchase items at Schiphol and collect them on return. This service has now been reintroduced under a more catching name: Shop & Collect. Previously this service was called Pick-up on Return. In 2012, we also extended our online and mobile services.

Parking facilities

In 2012, we started with the upgrade of Parking P1, one of the parking garages close to Schiphol Plaza. Parking P1 will become lighter and more colourful. A dynamic indication system will show where the available parking spaces are located. This simplifies the routing and makes the parking more customer-friendly. The renovation, which temporarily affects parking capacity, will be completed at the end of 2013.

Another new feature in Parking P1 is Short Stop Parking. At the terminal side of the car park, spaces have been reserved to enable people to quickly and comfortably bring passengers to the airport or pick them up. Parking in these spaces is free for the first 15 minutes, after which the rate is higher than in the other parking areas at the airport to discourage longer parking in this area. Short Stop Parking is a great success.