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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol invests in innovative projects and collaborations. We participate in Seamless Connections, a collaboration project aimed at connecting, accelerating and improving the logistics processes within the Amsterdam metropolitan area. At present, Seamless Connections encompasses nine cargo-related pilot projects, in which Schiphol plays a central role. A stronger and seamless logistics process in the 'hinterland' of the airport allows us to improve our competitive position. The project has generated international interest and is, just like Smart Gate (an innovative way to monitor the border passage of goods), a good example of a public-private partnership between the government and relevant market parties.

Amsterdam Connecting Trade

Another project in which Schiphol is involved is Amsterdam Connecting Trade (ACT). This area programme focuses on the integrated development of three innovative and sustainable business parks in the vicinity of Schiphol Airport: Schiphol South East, Schiphol Logistics Park and GEM A4 Zone West. ACT is currently being developed in cooperation with the Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC), in which the municipality of Amsterdam, the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the province of Noord-Holland and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol participate. Particular attention is also being paid to the required infrastructure. An example of this is the transport to and from the flower auction in Aalsmeer which will benefit from the widening and diverting of road N201. There are also plans for a Seamless Logistics Link (SLL) between Aalsmeer and the business parks and for a cargo transfer station on the high-speed railway (HST-Cargo) at GEM A4 Zone West.

The availability of several sites around the airport for cargo-related companies is a major advantage. Schiphol is one of the few major airports in Europe that can continue to offer (new) space. In 2012, Schiphol Real Estate contributed land to GEM A4 Zone West in accordance with previously made agreements.