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C. Other issues
Appointments and reappointments

Management Board

In 2012, important events occurred regarding the composition of both the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. First of all, after fifteen years of service, Mr Verboom stepped down as CFO of Schiphol Group. The Supervisory Board is very pleased with the extremely valuable contribution that Mr Verboom made towards the development of Schiphol Group, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Mr Verboom's expertise and experience were retained for Schiphol in 2012 through Mr Verboom's advisory activities for the participations of Schiphol in New York and Brisbane. The selection procedure for the vacancy of CFO started in 2011. In April 2012, the Supervisory Board appointed Ms De Groot as the new CFO for a term of four years.

In January and October 2012, Mr De Groof and Mr Nijhuis, respectively, were reappointed for a second term of four years. The reappointment of Mr Nijhuis will take effect on 1 January 2013. The decision to reappoint both Management Board members is based on the fact that the organisation has become more effective and more efficient under their management. In addition, the international competitive position of Schiphol has been strengthened and the quality at Schiphol has been improved. The Supervisory Board consulted the shareholders and Central Works Council in the decision-making process resulting in the reappointments. Finally, Mr Rutten will remain a member of the Management Board one year longer as COO (2014). An important task of the newly composed Management Board was and is to work on improving the relationship with KLM on a strategic level.

Supervisory Board

At the General Meeting of Shareholders in April 2012, Mr Stevens stepped down as a member of the Supervisory Board after a period of ten years. The Supervisory Board would like to thank Mr Stevens for his legal acumen and his critical insights, whereby his experience with the political playing field has been very valuable. In accordance with the nomination of the Supervisory Board and with a positive recommendation from the Central Works Council, the General Meeting of Shareholders appointed Mr Wijn in May 2012 as a new member of the Supervisory Board for a term of four years. In the selection of Mr Wijn, the Supervisory Board took into account the need for expertise in the field of political and government relations, as specified in the expertise matrix of the Supervisory Board. After his appointment, Mr Wijn followed an extensive introduction programme. As part of this programme, Mr Wijn had various informative meetings with persons within Schiphol. Mr Wijn was also given a tour of the various operating units of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

In November 2012, Mr Graff stepped down as President and CEO of Aéroports de Paris. As a consequence, he also stepped down as a Supervisory Board member at Schiphol. In line with the agreement between the shareholders of Schiphol, the process to appoint a successor was started at the end of 2012. As of 1 February 2013, Mr De Romanet, the new President and CEO of Aéroports de Paris was appointed as a new Supervisory Board member. Following the changes in the composition of the Supervisory Board, the composition of the committees has also changed, for which reference is made to the following table.


The Supervisory Board convened ten times in 2012. The Management Board was always present at the meetings of the Supervisory Board. Both prior and subsequent to these meetings, the Supervisory Board held private consultations. In addition, seventeen meetings were held by the different sub-committees. For a complete overview of the number of meetings as well as the attendance of the members of the Supervisory Board, reference is made to the following tables.

In addition to these meetings, the Chairman and other members of the Supervisory Board discussed issues with the Management Board on numerous occasions. The members of the Supervisory Board also liaised with stakeholders from both within and outside Schiphol Group on a number of occasions, of which the above-mentioned Shared Vision Committee is a prime example.

The Supervisory Board wishes to sincerely thank the Management Board and Schiphol Group's employees for their outstanding dedication in 2012, both in airport operations and in other areas of the company.

Schiphol, 14 February 2013

The Supervisory Board

Anthony Ruys (Chairman)
Trude Maas - de Brouwer (Vice-Chairperson)
Jan Brouwer
Frans Cremers
Herman Hazewinkel
Augustin de Romanet
Margot Scheltema
Joop Wijn