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36. Other non-current liabilities

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Purchased long leases



Unrealised profit on contribution in kind Schiphol Logistics Park CV



Lease incentives



Other movements





Long leases received in advance are rent instalments which Schiphol Group has received in advance on land leased out to third parties on a long lease. This item is recognised through profit or loss over the term of the underlying contracts.

In 2006, Schiphol Real Estate B.V. contributed land to Schiphol Logistics Park C.V. and in so doing acquired a 38% interest in this company. The difference between the fair value of the site at the time of its contribution of EUR 23.7 million and its total historical cost of EUR 11.7 million is EUR 12 million. In accordance with the accounting policies, 38% of this profit, representing Schiphol Real Estate B.V.’s share in Schiphol Logistics Park C.V., or EUR 4.6 million, should be treated as unrealised. Part of this profit was realised when some of the land was sold in 2009.

Lease incentives are the cost of benefits which Schiphol Group granted tenants at the start of their lease and recognised through profit or loss over the period during which they apply.