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22. Lease receivables

(in thousands of euros)



Carrying amount as at 1 January



Movements in the year

Accrued interest on lease receivables



Lease instalments received



Lease settlement



Total movements in the year



Carrying amount as at 31 december



All lease receivables at 31 December 2012 were recognised under current assets.

Beheer- en beleggingsmaatschappij Balnag B.V. (Balnag), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schiphol Group, took out a 20-year lease on the air traffic control tower at Schiphol-Centrum from a financing company, Abinton B.V., in 1992. The control tower was in turn leased to Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) for the same period. Both contracts qualify as finance leases, resulting in the recognition of a lease receivable under the lease to LVNL and a lease liability to Abinton B.V. The effective interest rate of the lease contract between Balnag and LVNL was 13.0%. Both LVNL and Balnag exercised their purchase option and LVNL made the purchase in 2012.