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Mission and vision

The mission of Schiphol Group is to connect the Netherlands with all the important economic, political and cultural cities and centres in the world.
Schiphol Group

With its extensive, distinctive network of destinations, Schiphol airport is essential for the Dutch economy: the airport attracts international activity and strengthens the Dutch trading position and knowledge industry. The economic impact that Schiphol and its stakeholders have extends beyond the limits of its own boundaries. Aviation contributes more than 26 billion euros on an annual basis to the gross domestic product of Netherlands. Approximately five hundred companies with a total of 64,000 employees are located at and around the airport. The aviation sector offers employment to 290,000 people in the Netherlands as a whole. This makes Mainport Schiphol an important driving force of the Dutch economy.

Due to its favourable geographical location, the Netherlands can offer excellent connections to passengers and cargo from all over the world. The dense hub-and-spoke network that has been built up over the years can be attributed to the activities of home carrier KLM in combination with the high-quality hub-related infrastructure of Schiphol. Furthermore, Schiphol offers this infrastructure at a competitive price: the total airport charges are lower than those of the main European competitors. The distinctive, global hub of European and intercontinental connections contributes to the appeal of the Netherlands as a business location. As the third largest cargo airport of Europe, Schiphol is also an important gateway for cargo to and from Europe.

Just like the port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has an important role as one of the two Mainports of the Netherlands. A Mainport can only flourish in a strong and attractive region. That is why Schiphol Group pays particular attention to the living environment and the business climate at and around Schiphol. An environment where people enjoy living and where companies like to do business.

Schiphol Group does not strive for profit maximization but for a reasonable return on equity and stable dividend development. This fits with a sound financial policy that is necessary to maintain access to the capital market, which improves the fundability of long-term investments that are of great importance to the Dutch aviation sector. The result is a win-win situation for the users of Schiphol airport, the Dutch economy and the shareholders of Schiphol Group, which include the Dutch state.


The mission of Schiphol Group is to connect the Netherlands with all the important economic, political and cultural cities and centres in the world. Together with our partners, we aim to continue to develop Schiphol airport into an efficient and sustainable multimodal hub, where passengers from all over the world are made to feel welcome in a dynamic and inspiring environment.

Vision: Europe’s Preferred Airport

The effort that Schiphol Group, in collaboration with its partners, has put into the development of Schiphol airport have made it Europe's Preferred Airport. In 2012, we again received a number of awards confirming that passengers rank Schiphol highly and have elected Schiphol airport as their preferred departure or transfer airport. We are very proud of this. We aim to maintain and further strengthen our leading position in Europe in the future, even in times of economic uncertainty. Schiphol strives to provide smooth processes and good facilities and does everything in its power to guarantee passengers a pleasant journey. Our goal is to remain the preferred airport. This requires a clear strategy and close cooperation with our stakeholders.